Your TCC ID is your StormCard.

Need help? Contact the StormCard Office at
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Simply swipe and go!
Purchase denied due to insufficient funds
  • Check your StormDollars balance - is it equal to or greater than the lowest priced item in the machine. 
  • Check your balance quickly at a vending machine or StormPort.  You do not have to make a purchase or deposit, the display will show your balance even for cancelled transactions.
  • Verify that you have funds in the proper account at the  StormCardManager web site or inquire at your campus Business Office
How to spend your account down to zero
  • Vending machines have smaller priced items which may be purchased
  • You may need to visit a location which accepts partial payments of StormDollars:  the bookstore (all campuses, includes the MacArthur Mall location) or food services (food service is currently available on the Norfolk & Virginia Beach campuses - coming soon to all other campuses in association with the new Student Centers).
    • Example partial transaction:  You have $.75 in your account.   You make a $2.00 purchase at the bookstore. Your StormCard balance of .75 will be applied towards your payment first, then you will be asked to pay the remaining balance of $1.25 by another means (cash, credit, etc.)
How to check your balance
  • Quick check for StormDollars balance - visit a vending machine or Stormport and insert your card to display the balance, cancel the transaction. 
  • Library - Use the card check station kiosk to view balances
  • Online - StormCardManager web site.
  • On campus - visit a campus Business Office
Can cash be withdrawn from a StormCard account?
  • No - a StormCard is not an ATM card. 
  • All plans are term based and non-refundable.
Minimum amount to start an account
  • StormPorts - $1 deposit . 
  • StormCardManager web site and Business Offices - $25.
  • Check out deposit details.
Your StormCard is lost or stolen
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen card. 
  • Reporting a lost or stolen card properly will place a hold on the account to protect any funds.
Are fees charged on deposit or purchase transactions?
  • No.
Do existing account balances transfer to a replacement ID?
  • Yes - any card plan balances will be immediately available on your new card, the old card will be inactivated and can no longer be used. 
  • Be sure to report a lost or stolen card immediately to protect your card account.
Your card is not working - the magnetic stripe is not being read
  • If possible, try another reader such as a vending machine or StormPort. 
  • If you receive errors at a print release station such as 'Denied by rule', an issue with your card account is preventing you from printing.
    • Swipe your card at a card check station kiosk in the library to verify any issues
  • If you receive an 'Insufficient funds error, you do not have enough funds in your account to cover the transaction amount.
  • You may visit a campus ID Office to verify if your card is work properly
Account expiration
  • StormDollars plan
    • A StormDollars plan will be considered abandoned and expired after twelve months of inactivity. (Note: TCC employee plans will expire upon departure of service with the college)
  • All other plans - expire on the last day of exams for the plan term.
A deposit does not appear in your account balance
  • If a credit card deposit, verify with your credit card company that a charge was posted on your credit card account. 
  • Login to StormCardManager and view your transaction history and balance.
  • Visit a Business Office with your StormCard and any printed receipts verifying the deposit transaction.
Printing issues
  • If a card error is received at a print release station - make note of the error to assist in resolving. 
  • Visit the card check station kiosk in the library and swipe your card to check plan balances and any card account issues.
  • Did you use all of your free print allowance (100 pages)? If so, you must make a deposit into your StormDollars plan to pay for additional printing
  • You must be in a current credit class to print (if not, you will receive a Patron Denied error)
  • Ask for assistance from a computer lab attendant if needed.
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