Request a Transcript

  • Transcripts are the academic records of students at Tidewater Community College and are issued by the college upon the student's request.
  • Official transcripts are generally prepared and released within five business days of a student's request. Additional time should be allowed for requests of student records when the last date of attendance was 10 or more years ago or requests made during peak periods and college closures (e.g., graduation, beginning and end of each semester, weekends, official college closures or breaks, unanticipated college closures due to inclement weather or the like).
  • Students with holds on their account that block the release of their transcript must resolve the hold with the appropriate campus office before TCC will release the transcript.
  • Official transcripts are generally required for admission to a college or university and for employment purposes. Individuals requesting a transcript to be sent to a third party, such as an employer or college/university, should consult with the third party to determine if an electronic transcript or a transcript issued directly to the student (if selected from the options available) is considered as official.

Official Academic Transcript

An official transcript must be requested through Parchment:

Online Request through Parchment

Tidewater Community College (TCC) is pleased to offer official transcripts in electronic and postal mail formats through its partnership with Parchment. Students may select a transcript in either format upon each request.

Once the college is notified by Parchment of a student's request for an official transcript, TCC will review the student's record for accuracy and submit the record to Parchment. Parchment will then deliver the transcript on behalf of the college electronically or through postal mail, as per the student's request.

Parchment charges a fee of

  • three dollars (U.S. $3.00) for each electronic transcript request.*
  • five dollars (U.S. $5.00) for each postal-mailed transcript request.*

*The first two copies, whether electronic or postal-mailed, are either free or discounted to each student or current student. An electronic copy would be free and a postal-mailed copy would be discounted.

Overnight service is an option to most students at an additional cost, but may not be available to individuals who have not been enrolled for 10 or more years or for requests received during college closures (e.g., weekends, official college closures/breaks, unanticipated closures due to inclement weather or the like). See Parchment's website for overnight service details.

» Make an Online Request through Parchment

Parchment Registration

Parchment should be contacted for questions concerning the registration or ordering process or for user interface issues. Inquiries concerning a transcript that cannot be released because of a hold should contact the college office that placed the hold.

Not all institutions accept electronic transcripts. The following institutions do not:
  • Christopher Newport University
  • Hampton University
Be sure to check with your institution to ensure acceptance of electronic transcripts.
Transcripts for the Virginia Boards (e.g. Board of Nursing) will be mailed directly from our institution.

Problems with your Parchment order?

Request in Person

A fee of five dollars (U.S. $5.00) is charged for each official transcript request, payable at any campus Business Office. NOTE: Presentation of receipt must by provided in order to pick up the requested transcript. (By using Parchment the fee is considerably less or free)

While most institutions require an official transcript to be sent from institution to institution, there may be times when a hand carried official transcript is acceptable. TCC offers students the opportunity to order and pick up an official transcript in person at any of its campus Enrollment Services Offices during the college's business hours. Students selecting this option should allow up to five working days for their request to be processed (or longer for records that are older than 10 or more years or requests made during peak periods). Individuals who desire a faster turnaround time have the option of selecting OVERNIGHT SERVICE offered by Parchment.

Students who pursue this option should understand that many third parties such as an employer or college/university do not consider transcripts as official if issued to the student.

Unofficial Academic Transcript

Unofficial transcripts are available through the Student Information System (SIS) using the instructions provided below.

  • Login to SIS
  • Click on Self Service
  • Click on Student Center
  • Under Academic History, click on Unofficial Transcript from the other academic drop-down menu box. Click the blue, double-arrow go button next to the menu box
  • For Academic Institution, click on Tidewater Community College
  • For Report Type, click on Unofficial Transcript
  • Click on Go

Students unable to print their own unofficial transcript through the method above should contact a campus Enrollment Services Office.

Note: Unofficial transcripts given or mailed directly to a student will not bear the college seal and will include an "ISSUED TO STUDENT" notation.

*Students with holds on their account that block all services will not be able to view their unofficial transcript.*

VCCS Transcript

Students transferring to a community college within the VCCS do not need to submit a transcript request. Instead, these students should notify the Virginia community college in which they're seeking enrollment or are enrolled that they have attended TCC.

Workforce Solutions/Continuing Education Transcript

Individuals who need to order a copy of their TCC non-credit/Workforce Solutions transcript may obtain this through Workforce Solutions. Please complete the Request for Non-Credit Transcript form.

Frederick College Transcript

TCC is the custodian of Frederick College records. Students requesting a transcript from Frederick College should contact the Office of the Registrar.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I obtain an official transcript?

You will need to order your transcript through Parchment by going to the registrar’s website and clicking on "Request for TCC transcripts".

Do I have to pay?

Yes, there is a charge for TCC students to use Parchment.

  • Three dollars (U.S. $3.00) for each electronic transcript request.
  • Five dollars (U.S. $5.00) for each postal-mailed transcript request.

The first two copies, whether electronic or postal-mailed, are either free or discounted to each student or current student. An electronic copy would be free and a postal-mailed copy would be discounted.

  • Parchment also provides Overnight Service for students to request their transcripts. The charge is Twenty-Five dollars (U.S. $25.00) for each overnight delivery request.

How long will it take to process a transcript?

Transcripts are typically processed within five (5) business days. Additional time should be allowed for requests of student records when the last date of attendance was ten (10) or more years ago, or requests that are made during peak periods and college closures.

Can I send my official transcript to more than one destination?

When a student sends it to their first destination, they can either "Save and Continue" or "Save and Add Another".

What if I have a form that must be attached with the transcript?

A student may submit his or her transcript request through Parchment, and then email the attached form to

If the student cannot email the document, he or she will need to submit an In-Person Transcript Request form to a campus Enrollment Services office.

**Please note that all transcripts process through Enrollment Services require a payment fee of $5.00.

Are there any colleges in the area that do not accept electronic transcripts?

There are two colleges in Virginia that currently do not accept electronic transcripts.

  • Hampton University
  • Christopher Newport University

*Be sure to check with your college/university/destination to ensure they accept electronic transcripts.

How to I cancel a request through Parchment?

To cancel a request through Parchment, you will need to Contact Parchment and submit a help ticket and inform them that you would like to cancel your request.