Student Organizations

Current Organizations must complete and update their info on the Student Organization Recognition form for its new or current officers. This must be submitted to the Student Engagement office in 5310 no later than Monday, September 30th at 5pm. If you have a question concerning the form please email

If you would like to join a club or organization, or if you would like to start your own, please contact Student Engagement at (757) 822-1251 or e-mail us at

To update your organization's information on this page, please contact the webmaster at or Terrence Bowers in the Office of Student Engagement.

List of TCC Norfolk Student Organizations

  • The Anime Club (TAC)

    President: Brandon Carter, Vice President: Norman Jones
    PURPOSE: To educate members and future members about the Japanese culture through anime in a fun and lively environment, while encouraging and creating unity within the student body through similarities and differences.

  • College Student Orchestra Club

    President: Cory Smith
    PURPOSE:To provide members with a vehicle for enjoying and developing their musical talents, to furnish the community with the source of musical enjoyment by the presentation of public concerts, and to promote awareness and appreciation of serious music among its members and the public-at-large. This club also encourages critical thinking within music to expand the musical taste and knowledge of its members.

  • Culinary Arts

    President: Howard Sherbume
    PURPOSE:To encourage culinary students to participated in club events, field trips, seminars, and food shows as well as fundraisers to support those efforts and objectives.

  • Human Services Club

    President: David Beck, Vice President: Constance Battle
    PURPOSE: To increase the members’ knowledge of the human services field (explore career opportunities) student involvement within the community (civic engagement) and to be recognized as a valuable resource to the community.

  • Military and Veteran Student Association (MAVSA)

    President: Levandrew Reese
    PURPOSE: To further expand all military-affiliated students’ educational pursuits and enrich the overall student population at TCC.

  • Mu Alpha Theta

    Co - Presidents: Rose Huynh, Kenneth Moody, Vice President: John Pantalone
    PURPOSE: To recognize outstanding students in mathematics, and further their knowledge in math, promote scholarship, and enjoyment and understanding of math among two-year college students.

  • Parents United (Norfolk Campus)

    President: Chauntay Rodriguez PURPOSE: To give support and resources to parent students to help them be successful in college.

  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

    President: Patrick Lee
    PURPOSE: To reward and maximize student academic success.

  • Radio & Broadcasting Club

    President: Latoya Barkley, Vice President: Alexia Walker
    PURPOSE: To prepare students for the career possibilities web-based and traditional radio and broadcasting techniques.

  • Student Advocating for a Greener Environment (SAGE)

    President: Sean Browne
    PURPOSE: To sponsor projects, events, and activities that promote ecological awareness, understanding, and responsibility among our students, faculty, and community while encouraging student to exercise their citizenship rights in safeguarding our land, air, water, and biological diversity for future generations.

  • Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)

    President: Paul Vincent, Vice President: Percy Dean
    PURPOSE: To empower young men of all ethnicities to excel in higher education by surrounding them in an atmosphere that is positive and productive.

  • Student Government Association (SGA)

    President: Trenton Hawkins-Mitchell, Vice President: Bryan Hurdle
    PURPOSE: To be the voice of the student body.

  • Thomas W. Moss Jr. Pre-Health Club

    President: Janice Gay PURPOSE: To increase the knowledge of the various allied health fields (to explore career opportunities), student involvement within the community (civic engagement), and to be recognized as a valuable resource to the community.