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Faculty PD course sessions to support the FDEP
FPD Course Catalog Index Aligned with 2017 FDEP pdf

February 2018 Newsletter


Professional Development Workshop for VCCS
STEM Faculty

NASA Wallops Flight Facility
STEM Takes Flight Faculty Workshop

Please share with students:
STEM Takes Flight NASA Research Experience Program for VA Community College STEM Students
NASA Langley Research Center and Wallops Flight Facility
STEM Takes Flight Student Research Experiences



2018 TCC Learning Institute
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Guided Pathways "Work Sessions"

Please check the master calendar for scheduled pathway and program meetings in SharePoint at Guided Pathways Calendar.

Guided Pathways Briefing presentations:

Daniel DeMarte, Executive VP for Academics & Student Affairs, TCC

Shauna Davis, Executive Director of Student Success, VCCS

Kelly Miller, Associate Director and Consultant, EAB (Navigate)

Kellie Sorey, Associate VP for Academic Affairs

Structured Programs Toolkit (at bottom of this linked Sharepoint page)
Supporting documents included: Guided Pathways Definitions, Pathway Outlines, Sample Program Template, General Education Decision Data, TCC Math Equivalencies, Pathway and Program Template.

VCCS Professional Development Opportunities:

Introducing Exigence, The first edition of the Journal of VCCS Student Scholarship








Left: TCC Faculty of the Year – David Wright, Virginia Beach Campus Physics Professor




“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
- William Arthur Ward