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The TCC Teaching Portfolio is a tool for faculty to use in composing the self-evaluation component of the TCC Full-time Teaching Faculty Development and Evaluation Plan.

Note: Please use Internet Explorer as browser to access the Teaching Portfolio tool.

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Assistance Needed?

  • If you have questions about what Domain in the Portfolio a certain item may be used, please talk to (or email) your academic dean/director.

  • If you are having difficulty in scanning a document, uploading material into the Portfolio, or attaching a document or web link to the Portfolio, the coordinators in the Campus Batten Centers for Teaching Excellence will be happy to assist you. They can assist you in accessing your Portfolio and will be happy to answer general questions about the Portfolio.

  • For any technical problems (such as cannot access the Portfolio, the Portfolio is not working in that you cannot add any content, etc.), please click here and fill out the form to get technical assistance.