LT works with college stakeholders to develop and implement a college-wide standard designed to strengthen the strategic application of technology at TCC.

tcc classroom mps station   Classroom Technology

The Department of Classroom Technologies is dedicated to providing the technological resources in the classroom that support innovation, enhance instruction, and improve student success. Design, implementation and support are the core functions which support the departmental mission.

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  Learning Management System Services

The Department of Learning Management System Services provides system administration, technical support, and training for Tidewater Community College’s learning management system, Blackboard Learn, and its integrated applications. We work directly with students, faculty, and staff to ensure their effective use of Blackboard Learn and its integrated applications for enhancing and delivering teaching and learning in face-to-face, hybrid, and online classes at Tidewater Community College.

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tcc classroom touch panel   Training

TCC Faculty who are knowledgeable and comfortable using technological resources are more likely to engage in experimental and innovative applications of those technologies in the classroom. The objective of LT Training is to ensure TCC Faculty are aware of and able to effectively utilize the classroom technology, and instructional software, available for use throughout the college. 

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video camera   Video Production

Video Production Services develops media for and about the faculty, staff, and students of Tidewater Community College. From concept to finished product, we collaborate with our clients to ensure their media goals are met.

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