Standardized Exam

Cambridge International Examinations

The Office of the College Registrar does not determine what Cambridge International examinations may be granted TCC credit or the score values required. However, the Office of the College Registrar does post credit for approved examination scores. Students seeking credit should:

  1. Have official scores mailed to:
    Office of the College Registrar
    Tidewater Community College
    P.O. Box 9000
    Norfolk, VA 23509-9000
  2. Using the online form, submit a request for an Evaluation of Educational Experience to the Office of the College Registrar.

Tidewater Community College may grant credit for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) comprising levels Advanced (A) and Advanced Subsidiary (AS) offered through the University of Cambridge in England. These courses and examinations are administered through registered CIE Centers in public high schools throughout the United States.

Cambridge tests passed with final grades of A, B or C will, depending on the test, be considered for advanced standing and credit for the corresponding courses at TCC if the credit is applicable to the student's program of study.

Credits accepted are counted as credits earned toward the degree, but are not used in the computation of the student's GPA. The chart below provides information about the TCC equivalent for various Cambridge examinations.

Note: Cambridge credit equivalencies listed below are effective beginning Fall 2012.

Cambridge International Examinations Equivalencies

Cambridge Examination A-Level TCC Equivalent (Grades A-C, unless otherwise noted) AS-level TCC Equivalent (Grades A-B, unless otherwise noted)
Accounting ACC 211 & ACC 212 (Grade of A)
ACC 211 (Grade of B or C)
ACC 211
Biology BIO 101 No credit or not applicable
Chemistry CHM 111 No credit or not applicable
English - Language ENG 111 No credit or not applicable
English - Literature ENG 125 ENG 125
Mathematics MTH 163 & MTH 164 MTH 163
Mathematics- Further MTH 157 No credit or not applicable
Physics PHY 201 No credit or not applicable
Psychology PSY 201 & PSY 202 PSY 201
Sociology SOC 200 SOC 200