Resources for the Community and Third Parties

Solomon Amendment/Military Recruiter Requests

*In compliance with the Solomon Amendment, Tidewater Community College allows for directory information disclosures to military recruiters.*  Information is disclosed on students who are aged 17 and older and who are registered for at least 1 credit hour.

To obtain a report, recruiters are to submit a written request on official letterhead to:

Tidewater Community College
Attn: Registrar
Office of the College Registrar
P.O. Box 9000
Norfolk, VA 23509-9000

You may also fax your request to Laura Burnham at 757-822-1955 and/or submit your request electronically via e-mail to

Recruiters should include a business e-mail address along with the request. Upon receipt of the request, the information will be sent in one standard format allowable under the Solomon Amendment. Note that this information will not be released prior to the second week of classes during the regular semester/term for which information is requested.

* Tidewater Community College will not release information on students who request to withhold the release of their directory information by the first day of the regular semester/term.

Subpoena Requests for Educational Records

Tidewater Community College must disclose confidential student records pursuant to a lawfully issued subpoena or judicial order. TCC and/or Systems Counsel will examine the order or subpoena to verify that it has been executed by an officer of the court or another authorized official. All subpoenas for educational records, regardless of the student’s campus of record, should be served and addressed to the Vice President for Student Learning and Academic Services.

Tidewater Community College
Attn: Daniel DeMarte
121 College Place
Norfolk, VA 23510

Please note that the subpoena should be received by the college in a timely manner, allowing for a minimum of 15 days for a response.

Verification Requests from Third Parties

Verification of information such as a student’s enrollment status is provided by any of our campus Enrollment Services Offices. If proof of a student’s enrollment, proof of a student's degree/graduation, or verification of the credit hours in which a student is enrolled is needed, please contact one of the Enrollment Services Offices (see contact information below).

Chesapeake Campus

TCC Chesapeake
1428 Cedar Road
Chesapeake VA, 23322
Phone: 757-822-5117
Fax: 757-822-5122

Norfolk Campus

TCC Norfolk
300 Granby Street
Norfolk VA, 23510
Phone: 757-822-1235
Fax: 757-822-1247

Portsmouth Campus

TCC Portsmouth
7000 College Drive
Portsmouth VA, 23703
Phone: 757-822-2104
Fax: 757-822-2002

Virginia Beach Campus

TCC Virginia Beach
1700 College Crescent
VA Beach VA, 23453
Phone: 757-822-7101
Fax: 757-822-7325