Standardized Exam

Excelsior College

Office of the College Registrar does not determine what Excelsior College/UEXCEL examinations may be granted TCC credit or the score values required. However, the Office of the College Registrar does post credit for approved examination scores. Students seeking credit should:

  1. Have official scores mailed to:
    Office of the College Registrar
    Tidewater Community College
    P.O. Box 9000
    Norfolk, VA 23509-9000
  2. Using the online form, submit a request for an Evaluation of Educational Experience to the Office of the College Registrar.

Students completing the higher level exams for International Baccalaureate will be granted advanced standing credit for these exams based on achievement of the following scores:

TCC Credit Granting Policy for Excelsior College/UEXCEL

Exam Title TCC Equivalent Course Grade Required Credit Awarded
Abnormal Psychology (459) PSY 215 “C” or higher 3
Calculus (150) MTH 270 “C” or higher 3
College Writing (110) ENG 111 “C” or higher 3
Earth Sciences (415) GOL Elective “C” or higher 3
English Composition (434) ENG 111, ENG112 “C” or higher 6
Ethics: Theory & Practice (484) PHI Elective “C” or higher 3
Foundations of Gerontology (407) HMS 231 “C” or higher 3
Human Resource Management (486) BUS 205 “C” or higher 3
Introduction to Music (414) MUS 121 “C” or higher 3
Introduction to Philosophy (416) PHI 101 “C” or higher 3
Introduction to Psychology (101) PSY 201 “C” or higher 3
Juvenile Delinquency (411) ADJ 105 “C” or higher 3
Life Span Developmental Psychology (583) PSY 231 “C” or higher 3
Microbiology (558) BIO EEE “C” or higher 3
Organizational Behavior (435) BUS 201 “C” or higher 3
Political Science (170) PLS EEE “C” or higher 3
Social Psychology (412) PSY 216 “C” or higher 3
Statistics (210) MTH 240 “C” or higher 3