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Graduation from TCC

Tidewater Community College certifies graduates three times a year in May, August, and December. However, the Commencement Ceremony is held twice a year in May and December.

Note that the following information will be required in order to submit your application:

  • Your student EMPL/SIS ID (instructions for obtaining this);
  • Your TCC Student e-mail address;
  • The type of award you are seeking (i.e., A.A., A.S., A.A.A., A.A.S., Certificate, or Career Studies Certificate);
  • The title of your curriculum and any specialization, if appropriate; and,
  • The catalog year that you are using (i.e., the catalog year that you have been following to meet curriculum requirements) in fulfillment of curriculum requirements. Please note that the catalog used to determine graduation requirements is the one in effect at the time of a student's acceptance into a curriculum, or any subsequent catalog as selected by the student. However, you may not choose a catalog more than six years from the date of graduation.

Before you submit your application for graduation please be sure that you have:

  • Fulfilled all admissions requirements prior to the Graduation Application Deadline; (i.e. submitted all official transcripts: college, CLEP scores, Advanced Placement, military, etc.)
  • Completed or be registered for all coursework required for your degree. Review your Advisement Report online through your MyTCC account (click on Student Center, and click on My Advisement Report (Degree Audit) in order to run a degree audit) and/or meet with an advisor to verify that you have met or will meet your degree requirements;
  • Verified that the address in your MyTCC account is current and that your curriculum and catalog year are accurate. If necessary, update your curriculum and/or catalog year information BEFORE you apply for graduation by visiting a counselor or advisor to submit a Change in Curriculum Form;
  • Apply for graduation online through the graduation application form;
  • Complete all fields on the Graduation Application, review the information, and click Submit.

All communication regarding your graduation status will be via your MyTCC e-mail account; therefore, be sure to check it frequently for updates.

Anyone needing special accommodations should contact the Office of Educational Accessibility.

Graduation Application Deadlines

If you graduate in: Submit application by deadline:
Fall Term October 1, 2016
Spring Term Februrary 1, 2017
Summer Term June 1, 2017

Please remember to review your Advisement Report before applying for graduation. You should also see a counselor regarding requirements for your specific program or major. Once you have applied for graduation, check your MyTCC e-mail account frequently. You will be sent e-mail regarding your graduation status throughout the graduation review process.

Diploma Delivery

December Graduates: Diplomas are typically mailed in March
May Graduates: Diplomas are typically mailed in July
August Graduates: Diplomas are typically mailed in October

Requesting Replacement Diplomas

Students whose diplomas have been lost or damaged may request a duplicate diploma, provided that the student does not have any outstanding debt to the college. To do so, please submit a Request for Replacement Diploma Form via fax or mail. Reissued diploma requests approximately take 5 to 7 business days for processing.

If you have additional questions or concerns, e-mail graduate@tcc.edu.