Transfer Credits

The Office of the College Registrar is responsible for evaluating credits earned from other educational institutions. To request an evaluation, please follow the instructions provided below. Visit the International Transcripts page for more information regarding the evaluation of foreign credentials.

Official Transcripts

Paper-Mailed Transcripts
Must be in the sealed, original envelope from the issuing institution, with the appropriate college seal and authentication.


The Office of the College Registrar also accepts incoming e-transcripts from institutions, using a secured electronic delivery system. Students should check with the sending institution(s) for their ability to send e-transcripts. Request e-transcripts be sent to TCC using

Request an Evaluation of College Coursework and/or other experience

  1. Apply and gain admission to TCC
  2. With assistance from a counselor, be placed in a curriculum/program (cannot be transient or non-curricular).
  3. Visit the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to determine what courses will transfer from your previous institutions.
  4. Enroll in class(es)
    (A student must be enrolled in at least one TCC course after the last day to drop for a tuition refund before transcripts from another college or university will be evaluated)
  5. Have your official transcripts* mailed to:
    Tidewater Community College
    Office of the College Registrar
    P.O. Box 9000
    Norfolk, VA 23509-9000

    NOTE: Transcripts from other VCCS schools do not need to be sent; however, you must indicate the school(s) on your evaluation request form to have transfer credit reviewed from the VCCS school(s).

  6. Using the online form, submit a Request for Evaluation of Educational Experience form to the Office of the College Registrar.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

  • Evaluations are completed approximately 4-6 weeks after ALL of the above criteria have been met. Students are notified via their VCCS e-mail address.
  • Credit is awarded only for classes that are applicable to your selected program of study.
  • Credit is only awarded for classes that are applicable to your selected program of study.
  • Credit is only awarded for courses which a grade equivalent of "C" or higher is earned.
  • Grades from transfer courses are not computed into your TCC grade point average.
  • If you change programs, submit a new evaluation request
    • Note - previously awarded credit cannot be removed.

Transfer Credit Accepted

  1. Course work may be accepted for transfer credit if it:
    1. Was taken at a regionally or nationally accredited agency
    (See the U.S. Department of Education's (DOE) website)
    2. Was/is determined to be equivalent to course work offered here at TCC
    3. Is applicable to a student's selected program plan
  2. Institutions accredited by agencies recognized by DOE may be considered for transfer credit; website:
  3. Questions? E-mail the Office of the College Registrar at