Family & Friends Information Sessions

College is a big change and an important step toward fulfilling dreams and reaching career and educational goals. At TCC, your student can count on dedicated teams of faculty and advisors to help explore all that TCC has to offer - from academic guidance to social, sports and club activities. We invite you to connect and take a look at tips and information for parents and families.

Information Sessions

Family & Friends Information Sessions provide an opportunity for those individuals who are important in the lives of our students to learn more about their transition to TCC. The transition includes:

  • Preparing the students for educational opportunities
  • Identifying student responsibilities
  • Intiating the integration of new students into the intellectual, cultural, and social climate of TCC

Helpful Tips

Attending college is an important milestone, and while this is an exciting time in a student’s life, TCC also knows that parents and families may have questions about the transition to college. To help you offer support, we suggest the following tips:

  • Review the TCC Student Handbook and encourage your student to do so as well.
  • Communicate with your student often and let him or her know your are supportive.
  • Show interest in your student's classes and extracurricular activities. Ask him or her to share those experiences.
  • Help your student identify resources that can help him or her be more successful. Learn more about the student services available to your student.
  • Let your student know that they are responsible for understanding and following the policies and procedures written in the catalog, TCC website and the Student Handbook.
  • Set high expectations. Let your student know that you expect him or her to work hard and explain how you will support that hard work.
  • Encourage your student to prioritize his or her commitments. We understand that many of our students need to work to fund their education, but working too many hours can negatively affect a student’s course work. Encourage your student to find a healthy balance between school, work, and other commitments.
  • Remind your student that college is different from high school. A student should expect to spend two hours studying for every hour spent in class. That means that a student enrolled for 12 credit hours should expect to spend an additional 24 hours outside of class studying.
  • Encourage your student to meet regularly with a counselor or advisor. Counselors and advisors help students select a program of study, choose courses, create a class schedule, make a transfer plan, and explore career options.

Family & Friends Information Sessions Contact Information

Chesapeake Campus

TCC Chesapeake Phone: 757-822-5192

Norfolk Campus

TCC Norfolk Phone: 757-822-1231

Portsmouth Campus

TCC Portsmouth Phone: 757-822-2169

Virginia Beach Campus

TCC Virginia Beach Phone: 757-822-7519