First Year Success Mission

Tidewater Community College

Tidewater Community College (TCC) provides collegiate education and training to adults of all ages and backgrounds, helping them achieve their individual goals and contribute as citizens and workers to the vitality of an increasingly global community.

First Year Success

Mission: The First Year Success (FYS) system supports the TCC mission and college-wide commitment to student success by providing comprehensive services to assist new students of all ages and backgrounds with their transition to the higher education learning environment. The FYS system builds the foundation for first year students to initiate their integration into the intellectual, social, and cultural climate of TCC while promoting academic success and creating a sense of community.

Purpose: The FYS system is designed to improve learning for new students during their first year of college in efforts to assist them in achieving academic and personal success. Recognizing that most students need additional assistance as they transition to college, the comprehensive orientation system includes four components:


Mission: to support student success by facilitating the transition of new students into the college; preparing students for broad educational opportunities and student responsibilities; and initiating the integration of new students into the intellectual, social and cultural foundation of the institution.

SDV Courses

Mission: to assist students in their transition to college by fostering a positive higher learning environment to explore holistic strategies for the development of student success and life-long learning and by encouraging engagement and integration into college life promoting college persistence.

Family & Friends to the Information Sessions

Mission: to foster student success by building collaboration between families and the college for the common goals of student learning development and success.


Mission: to promote student success through faculty referral of students experiencing academic challenges and connecting students with supportive resources to achieve their academic and life goals.