Reserving & Advertising Meetings

Reserving Meeting Space

Officially recognized student organizations may request and secure campus space for meetings and other student organization-sponsored functions. However, approval must first be sought and the procedure for gaining approval varies by campus. Contact information for reserving meeting space is provided below.

Chesapeake: Contact the Provost's Office at 757-822-5202.

Norfolk: Contact the Office of Student Activities at 757-822-1251.

Portsmouth: Contact the Provost's Office at 757-822-2241 or the Dean of Student Services at 757-822-2180.

Virginia Beach: Contact the affiliated Division Office for weekday reservations, and the Dean of Student Services for weekend and activity hour reservations at 757-822-7244.

Advertising/Promoting Meetings and Functions

  • Bulletin boards may be used to publicize student organization functions with approval from the campus Provost, campus Dean of Student Services, Student Center Director, or designee. Note that the College does not assume responsibility for the content of items posted.
  • Each campus participates in TCC's college-wide electronic video bulletin board system which announces important information and special events. Visit the campus Office of Student Activities to use this medium.
No one may distribute written materials on campus without prior approval of the campus provost, dean, Student Center Director, or other designee. This prohibition includes individual students, student groups, and other organizations of the college, as well as individuals or organizations not affiliated with the college.

Written materials proposed for distribution and/or publication by a student, group, or organization of the college will be approved unless, in the opinion of the campus provost, dean, Student Center Director or other designee, the material is libelous or obscene, or subject to time, place, and manner limitations. Editorial freedom carries with it the obligation to be governed by the principles of professional journalism. All student communications will explicitly state on their editorial page that the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the college or its student body.