Responsibilities & Requirements for Student Organizations

  1. All Student Organizations must maintain compliance with TCC's nondiscrimination policy.
  2. A financial account must be established and maintained in the campus Business Office, and revenue from all sources must be deposited to that account. Note that the campus Business Office utilized must be the student organization advisor's primary campus.
  3. Items must be purchased in accordance with State and College procurement guidelines.
  4. The student organization must ensure that the student organization advisor (or an appropriate, designated TCC staff member) accompanies or participates with the group on all trips and other activities that have been deemed to need college personnel supervision. Trips that are beyond a 50-mile radius or that involve overnight stay must be supervised by Fulltime college personnel. Please see Student Travel Policy.
  5. Officers and members of all student organizations must be currently enrolled at TCC.
  6. Officers must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA, or a higher GPA if required by any affiliated international, national, or regional organization.
  7. Officers must undergo budget, organization, and leadership training with the Office of Student Activities annually.
  8. By the third Friday in September for the fall term a student organization wishing to re-charter and be recognized officially must complete and submit to the campus Office of Student Activities a new Application for Student Organization Recognition that includes a listing of all current members, officers, and the student organization advisor. (Note: This application must be completed and re-submitted whenever a new student organization advisor or officer is named.)
  9. Any recognized student organization that is allocated funds by the college must meet the following additional standards in order to continue to receive recognition and funding:
    • A student organization shall meet at least two times during the semester (Fall and Spring semesters) and submit the minutes of their meetings to the campus Office of Student Activities.
    • The student organization shall not allow any funds in their account to remain inactive (i.e., no deposits or withdrawals) for a period of nine months in any academic year. If a student organization has been declared as inactive, the campus Office of Student Activities shall inform the campus Business Manager, with a copy to the Office of Leadership Development and Community Engagement. The campus Business Manager shall transfer the funds from the inactive student organization to the college‚Äôs Student Activities general fund by the end of that fiscal year. The Business Manager shall notify the Office of Leadership Development and Community Engagement when this action has been completed.
    • The student organization must be active in at least one approved college event per semester and must actively participate in a minimum of two campus program initiatives per semester as arranged by the Office of Student Activities.
    • Student organizations will undergo budget, organization, and leadership training prior to access to allocated funds.

Inactive Status

Prior to being declared inactive, an organization's president will be so advised and given an opportunity to present relevant information on behalf of the organization. Such a hearing would be with the dean of students. An organization may be declared inactive by the dean of students if any one of the following conditions exists:

  • Failure to maintain the required number of members in the organization (10).
  • Failure to maintain a faculty advisor. (The Office of Student Activities may serve as a temporary advisor for one semester only.)
  • Failure to provide lists of officers or constitution changes to the Office of Student Activities when requested.
  • Failure to comply with audit requirements of club accounts when required.
  • Failure to provide representation at coordinating meetings.
  • Failure to provide or engage in campus service activities when assigned by the Office of Student Activities.
  • Failure to comply with College policies or any authorized directive by a College official.

An organization may declare itself inactive for a given semester or semesters by submitting a written request to the Office of Student Activities.

Until the organization corrects all deficiencies that caused the declaration of inactive status, the following actions will be observed:

  • The organization will lose financial support from the Student Activities Fund.
  • The organization's name will not appear in campus publications such as newsletters, newspapers, etc.
  • The organization is ineligible for any awards or honors available to recognized organizations.

Loss of Recognition

Possible reasons for loss of recognition are:

  • Evidence of failure to comply with college/campus, local or state policies and regulation (e.g. financial policy, policy on scheduling of events, etc.).
  • Evidence of failure to abide by its own constitution and by-laws. (e.g. discrimination in membership, misappropriation of local revenue funds, etc.)
  • Inactivity for a period of two years.

Procedures following loss of recognition:

  • Students interested in establishing a similar organization at some later time would follow the guidelines for Establishing and Chartering Student Organizations.
  • Funds accrued in the student club account of an organization for which recognition is revoked shall revert to the Student Activity Fund.
An organization may be declared inactive by the dean of students upon recommendation of the Office of Student Activities. An appeal may be submitted in writing to the provost.

An organization may lose official College recognition by action of the associate vice president for Student Services and Enrollment Management.