New Developmental English Curriculum

Wondering what happened to ENG 1, ENG 3, ENG 4, and ENG 5?

This spring 2013, developmental English courses have a new prefix- ENF. ENF combines reading and writing instruction. The new courses are:

  • ENF 1 Preparing for College English I (8 credits)
  • ENF 2 Preparing for College English II (4 credits)
  • ENF 3 Preparing for College English III (2 credits, available only as a co-requisite with ENG 111)

New English Placement Test

A new English placement test has replaced the previous English placement test (COMPASS reading and writing). The new Virginia Placement Test (VPT) has two parts:

  • Essay
  • Reading comprehension - 40 multiple-choice questions assessing reading and writing fundamentals.

Why the change?

The new ENF courses will help you complete developmental English coursework in fewer semesters!

What you need to do.

  • Meet with a campus counselor/advisor to see if you are eligible to take the new English placement test.
  • Take the test seriously and do your best to ensure accurate course placement.
  • Register for an ENF course or ENG 111, depending on test scores.

Have you already taken the COMPASS English placement test?

  • Students who were placed based on COMPASS tests (before October 2012) but HAVE NOT attempted to fulfill developmental requirements: Students who have not attempted ENG 1, ENG 3, 4 or ENG 5 during or before Fall Semester 2012 may choose to take the new English placement test.
  • Current or returning students who have taken the COMPASS English test and successfully completed ENG 1, 3, 4 or ENG 5 during or before Fall Semester 2012 do not need to take the new placement test. Please contact a campus counselor/advisor for more information.