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Changes in Class Enrollment:
Drop/Add/Withdraw - Academic Load - Audit - Incomplete student

Consult a counselor or academic advisor (online advisor) before making enrollment changes.

All procedures must be followed before course/schedule changes are official.

Types of Enrollment Changes

Drop/Add a Course

  • Deadlines: in college calendar
  • Adding a course means enrolling in a new course during the published add/drop period.
    Students may need special permission from a provost or designee to add a course after the first class meeting.
  • Dropping a course means officially cancelling the registration for a course on or before the last drop date and allows for a tuition refund. Enrollment in the course will not appear on the student’s college record, and the student will not receive a grade for the course.

Withdrawing From a Course

  • Student officially leaves the course after the refund period
  • Students may withdraw from a course, receive a grade of W (withdrawal), without academic penalty after the last day to drop for a tuition refund (see calendar for date)and during the first 60 percent of a session.
  • Dynamic Courses: Contact Enrollment Services for the last day to withdraw.
  • After that date, students will receive a failing grade of F or U if they withdraw or are administratively withdrawn from a course. (The college reserves the right to withdraw a student for just cause.)

Exceptions to this policy may be made if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The instructor initiates a withdrawal approved by the academic dean.
  • The student is able to document mitigating circumstances.
  • The student was making satisfactory progress in the course.
Note: Students should not stop attending college without officially withdrawing from all classes. Failure to properly withdraw from college may result in the assignment of F or U grade(s) to the permanent record. Please see a counselor or an academic advisor to consider options before withdrawing from college.

Contact Enrollment Services for the last date to withdraw from dynamic courses (courses not offered in the regular 16-week session format).

Effective Withdrawal Date: the date on which the request is processed by the college

  • When a student withdraws from a class or from the college, the official withdrawal date is the date on which the request is processed by the college, not the date of the last class attended, unless the two dates are the same.
  • If a student is administratively withdrawn from a course, the official withdrawal date is the last day the student attended class as reported by the instructor.

Academic Load

  • The full-time course load is 12 to 18 credit hours.
  • Students should consult a counselor to plan an academic load that will be compatible with their work schedule, family responsibilities, health, and other obligations.
  • As a rule, one credit hour of course work requires at least two hours of study outside of class each week.
  • Students who wish to take more than 18 credit hours of course work in a session must obtain the approval of the campus provost or designee.
  • Students who have received an academic warning or are on academic probation may be required to take a reduced course load for the next semester.

Audit a Course: attend a class without taking examinations or receiving credit

Audited courses:

  • do not carry credit and
  • are not counted as part of the student’s academic load
    when full-time or part-time status is reported to the Financial Aid office or to an external party such as the Social Security Administration, an employer, health insurance carrier, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

To audit a course students must:

  • obtain permission from the appropriate academic dean or designee on the campus where the course is taught.
  • register for the course and pay full tuition.
  • To change the status of a course from audit to credit, or from credit to audit, students must complete the change by the deadline to add a course during the semester or term’s regular session (i.e. 16-week sessions in the fall and spring semesters and 10-week session during the summer term). Advanced standing credit will not be awarded for a previously audited course.
I - Grade of I for Incomplete: No credit
  • The grade of I is used only for verifiable unavoidable reasons that a student is unable to complete a course within the normal course time.
  • To be eligible to receive an I grade, the student must:
    1. have satisfactorily completed more than 50% of the course requirements and
    2. must request the faculty member to assign the I grade and indicate why it is warranted.
  • The faculty member has the discretion to decide whether the I grade will be awarded.
  • Since the “incomplete” extends the enrollment in the course, requirements for satisfactory completion shall be established through student/faculty consultation.
  • In assigning the I grade, the faculty member must complete documentation that
    1. states the reason for assigning the grade;
    2. specifies the work to be completed and indicates its percentage in relation to the total work of the course;
    3. specifies the date by which the work must be completed; and
    4. identifies the default grade (B, C, D, F, P, R, or U) based upon course work already completed.
  • Completion dates may not be set beyond the subsequent semester (to include summer term) without written approval of the campus provost.
  • The student will be provided a copy of the documentation.
  • The instructor must submit a Grade Change form to change the I grade to the grade earned after course work is completed.
  • If the work is not completed on time, another grade (B, C, D, F, P, R, or U) must be assigned based on the course work already completed.
  • An I grade will be changed to a W only under documented mitigating circumstances, which must be approved by the campus provost.
  • A copy of the withdrawal form and supporting documentation must be placed in the student’s academic file



TCC Enrollment Services
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