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Student Information System

SIS Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Change My Personal Information?

You may change your address and phone numbers using these steps.


Login to SIS

Click on Self Service

Click on Student Center

Scroll down the page to the Personal Information heading.

To Change or Add Addresses:

In the box labeled Contact Information, click on the underlined address shown.

On the Addresses page, click Edit to change the address listed, or click  Add a New Address to create a new address.

Enter New Address information. Be sure that your address meets the following criteria:

      Each address line is no more than 30 characters and spaces

      Do not add any punctuation marks; only use spaces between letters

      You must select a Jurisdiction Code. Click on the magnifying glass

      icon next to the code box. Click View All and select the city, state,

      county or country for your address.


Once all information is added, click on OK

This will take you to the address verification page. Review the information you entered.

Enter the date this new address will take effect

Click on the appropriate Address Type

      For your home address, Always select Mailing as the address type,

      this is the address type the college uses to send correspondence and  

      refunds to you.

On the Save Confirmation page, click on OK.


To Add or Delete Phone Numbers:

In the box labeled Contact Information, click on the underlined phone type shown.

On the Phone Numbers page, click on the Delete to remove the phone number.

Click on Add a Phone Number, to create a phone number.

Select the Phone Type from the drop-down menu.

Enter the Telephone Number. Verify that the information is correct and click on SAVE

On the Save Confirmation page click on OK.


SIS Version 9