About Us


Who We Are and What We Do at TCC

The Office of Visual Communications is a division within the Department of Public Affairs & Communications. We support the Department's marketing, communications and public relations efforts for Tidewater Community College. With an emphasis on developing and maintaining TCC's image, the Office of Visual Communications develops hundreds of publications annually for TCC as a whole and for individual departments.

Here are some numbers to give you an idea of what we do and how much we produce:

From March 15 to December 31, 2012 we completed 1,183 projects. That's an average of 132 projects per month.

In January and February of this year alone, we completed 266 projects.

Average time to complete a project: 31 days

Month of highest production: June 2012

Month of most projects requested: February 2013

Most requested products:
Business cards (229), Brochures (86), Flyers (86), Booklets (42), Posters (41), Invitations (39), Rack Cards (29), Stationery (29), Postcards (28), and Event Programs (28).

Top clients (based on number of jobs requested):
CMVE, Development/Educational Foundation, Women’s Center, Interactive Communication, Information Center, Languages, Mathematics & Sciences, Student Services, Public Affairs & Communications, Workforce Development, and Special Events.