The Brand Promise

“From here, go anywhere” is Tidewater Community College’s bold brand promise to its students and community. Through quality teaching and learning, through articulated transfer agreements, and through a strong tradition of community service, TCC has built a solid reputation for its tagline: “From here, go anywhere.”

To keep the integrity of our brand intact, all of our communications must consistently reflect the quality, value and opportunity we deliver to our students, faculty, stakeholders and community.

The following pages offer guidelines in order to convey our brand with a consistent look and feel that is, at once, both memorable and recognizable. Our brand is conveyed not only by what we say, but how we say it— through words and tone of voice, and how it is visually represented— through design, colors, images, etc.

These guidelines ensure that all of our communications are coordinated. They create a benchmark against which all of our communication and marketing activities can be measured. For our brand to be sustainable, everyone involved in the creation and execution of our brand message must live it.

Communicating effectively takes time and careful planning. These guidelines make sure that our brand is used in a clear, consistent way that confirms the promise behind everything we do: “From here, go anywhere.”

The mission statement describes the essence of what guides our work every day:
Tidewater Community College provides collegiate education and training to adults of all ages and backgrounds, helping them achieve their individual goals and contribute as citizens and workers to the vitality of an increasingly global community.

How to Refer to Tidewater Community College When writing about or referring to the college in copy, please follow the following rules:

ARROW The college’s proper name is “Tidewater Community College.”

ARROW As an acronym, always use “TCC.” Only use this when preceded by the full name of the College with TCC set off in parentheses directly after the first official reference.

ARROW If the word “college” is used in place of its proper name, it must be clear that it refers to Tidewater Community College and “College” should be capitalized.