Color Palette

The color palette is essential to the Tidewater Community College brand. Consistency and proper usage of the palette protects and strengthens the brand.

The Tidewater Community College color palette includes a Primary Color, a Secondary Color, and Accent Colors.

The Primary Color (PMS 302) is always used in the Logo Suite. This core color serves to delineate Tidewater Community College’s brand. It should be present across all college-related communications and applications. Accent Colors are always subordinate to the primary color and are used, as appropriate, to expand and develop the brand and to add creative flexibility. Please note the importance of the color white in this palette. The use of “white space” helps emphasize the logo, text and messaging.

The Accent Colors add variety and are always used in combination with the primary brand color. They are never to be used as a replacement or alternative to the primary brand color.

For examples of color uses and application, please refer to the Application section of these guidelines.