Incorrect Logo Usage

Correct and consistent use of the Logo Suite is an essential part of building brand equity. While a great deal of flexibility has been built into the visual identity system, the use of each element has been carefully defined.

The color for our logo is TCC Blue*. If TCC Blue is not available, then the logo should be printed in black or the darkest color available.

If the background is dark, use a reverse (white) logo.

When the Logo is printed in black and white, the color saturation should be at 100% black.

If the logos are printed TCC Blue* and photocopied, they will appear grey and, depending on the equipment, may print poorly. To avoid this problem, have the master document designed as a 1-color black.

All college publications intended for distribution to an external audience must be approved by the Office of Visual Communications prior to printing. If in doubt, you should request assistance from the Office of Visual Communications to elevate the quality of external communications.

     arrow Don’t remove the Tagline from the logo.

     arrow Don’t remove the “TM” symbol from the logo.

     arrow Don’t distort the logo.

     arrow Don’t rearrange elements of the logo.

     arrow Don’t change the size relationship between elements in the logo.

     arrow Don’t tilt the logo.

     arrow Maintain proper space between the logo and the copy text.

     arrow Don’t reverse the logo out of a lightly colored background.

     arrow Don’t reverse the logo out of a patterned background.

     arrow Don’t reverse the logo out of a busy photograph.

     arrow Don’t place the logo on top of distracting graphic elements.

     arrow Don’t rotate the logo mark.

     arrow Don’t substitute fonts.

     arrow Don’t apply visual effects such as “glow” and “blur”.

Do not alter, redraw or add any additional words or graphic elements to the logo. Always use approved and provided electronic artwork.