You are the keeper of our brand.

The outstanding work you deliver daily makes our brand flourish, but there is still more to be done. By following the guidelines in this book, you’ll be doing your part to protect and strengthen the Tidewater Community College brand. Inside you’ll find simple directions on how to use our visual identity correctly, while always capturing the unique spirit of our College.

By consistently applying all the elements of the Tidewater Community College’s Visual ID across all touchpoints, we create and maintain a strong “brand” that reinforces who we are, how we define our personality, and the value we provide to our key audiences.

Inconsistent use of a brand is the number one factor that reduces its strength. Conversely by consistently putting forth a unified image to the public, we are bringing value, prominence and awareness to our institution. This increased visibility helps TCC prosper in admissions, recruitment, fundraising and other areas of growth. To ensure consistent and proper use of the brand, the Office of Visual Communications has developed a set of approved identity and visual elements for your use. By adhering to these guidelines, we accrue the following benefits:

• It allows clear communication and a unified voice, rather than confusing audiences with multiple interpretations that can be in conflict.

• It provides instant recognition, a way to immediately differentiate Tidewater Community College from any other college.

• It strengthens a unit’s reputation and demonstrates a common mission, a message of “we’re all in this together.”

• It helps to avoid duplication of effort, allowing units in the college to perform efficiently and economically.

• It protects the brand trademark rights through common and consistent use.

On the following pages, you will find prescribed uses for our identity, which is composed of the logo, colors and typefaces.