Stacked Logo

The Tidewater Community College Stacked Logo (seen opposite) should be used whenever possible to reflect the whole of the college.

Except for limited and pre-approved circumstances, the Stacked Logo must always be used in external communications (both print and electronic).

The Stacked Logo can be used alone, but when there is a need to use the Monogram Logo, it must always be in visible proximity.

Specific logo files have been created and are available for download here. To help you choose the right file type, please read below:

All TCC logos are based on one color, TCC Blue (PMS 302)*, but no one file type works for all your needs. If you are using the logo in a PowerPoint presentation, for instance, you will need to download the version created specifically for that. Likewise, if you need the logo for TV or digital use, you will find a downloadable logo specifically for that. Web, promotional merchandise, and print also have specifically created files for download, which can be found at

Use the black and white logo only in instances where a document is printed only in black, such as duplicated forms, etc.

Do not alter, redraw or add any additional words or graphic elements to the logo. Always use approved and provided electronic artwork. stacked