Clarifies. Inspires. Sparks.

A creative strategy visually and verbally articulates the essence of the institution and the key attributes that define it. The creative strategy guides all the ways in which an institution expresses itself: visually through its logo and visual identity and verbally through messaging and tone of voice, across all its communications.

Using the creative strategy as a filter for all communication decisions will ensure that Tidewater Community College builds a strong, consistent identity and speaks with a common voice across all its touchpoints— helping us tell our story in a way that stands out in the marketplace and drives awareness and understanding of who we are and what we stand for.

Clarifies what makes the Tidewater Community College special.

Differentiates Tidewater Community College from its peer institutions.

Inspires students, faculty and staff to select Tidewater Community College as their destination of choice.

Motivates partners and donors to invest in Tidewater Community College’s success.

Encourages alumni to stay connected and give back.

Sparks the interest of the community, the nation and the world.

The key brand attributes give substance to the initial creative guidance and define specific expectations for stakeholders. In TCC’s case, the key brand attributes are the foundations of the message.

     arrow From here, go anywhere

     arrow Easy transfer to four year school

     arrow Prepare yourself for a specific career

     arrow Building an educated and enlightened population