Email Signatures

Email is one of the most common and visible ways we communicate with our audiences and each other. The college has developed an email signature template and adopted standards to ensure all TCC email is clear, consistent, and supports the TCC brand.

To create your signature use TCC's Email Signature Generator.

For use ONLY with Outlook desktop software

For use with Outlook Webmail, smart phones and tablets

Refer to these instructions if you need assistance in installing the email signature.

A few important things to remember:

The TCC email signature block is not to be altered in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, use of:

1. Background stationery and/or creative fonts

Refrain from using any background stationery in the body of your email, and use only san-serif fonts (e.g. Arial, Verdana or Calibri) for body text, they are easier to read than script, serif, and italicized fonts.

2. Images, Icons and/or Inspirational Quotes:

TCC email is a platform for communicating official college business. It is not a forum for personal expression. Refrain from using inspirational quotes, mottos, photos, and other elements, which do not reflect the official brand of TCC.

The only acceptable photo is a clear, professional-looking headshot used for your Microsoft Outlook Profile Avatar.

3. Resized, altered and/or “unofficial” logos:

The email signature generator will render your signature with the logo appropriate to your department or division. Only TCC’s approved logo extensions and logo exceptions may be substituted for the TCC logo.

4. Disclaimers, sustainability text, etc.

The addition of sustainability statements (“Think before you print!”) or disclaimers should not be included.

If you need clarification on the email signature policy or have further questions please contact the Web Communications team.