Templates for Preprinted Letterhead

These templates are built to enable printing on the official TCC letterhead with correct spacing and text styles, or to be saved as PDFs for electronic transmission. Use of the templates provides consistent branding across college communications.


When printing these three templates, in order to avoid printing duplicate graphics on top of the preprinted letterhead, please "allow Macros" when prompted upon opening the template, and use the keystroke "Control-P" to print instead of the regular File/Print command.

If you are using Office 2011 for Mac, or are having difficulties using these templates, please use this generic template instead. You won't be able to preview the art, but the margins will line up correctly with the preprinted letterhead.

Letterhead Design #1

Design 1

Letterhead Design #2

Design 2

Letterhead Design #3

Design 3

Printable Letterhead

Printable Letterhead

This template, including graphics, is able to be printed on plain white paper in the comfort of your own office; no preprinted letterhead is required.

Letterhead Design #4

Design #4