Video Branding Standards

Official video productions related to promotion, education, or archiving and designed for public broadcast on Webcasts, iTunes, YouTube and/or other Web or on-line distribution, should use a TCC logo in their credits. Videos intended for an audience not familiar with the college brand should display the TCC logo. Other than a fade or dissolve, never animate the logo.

Depending on the length, content, and intended audience of a video, there are several ways to integrate the college brand into a video presentation, including:

Visual – open with a static TCC logo graphic.

Audio – open with the full name of the college spoken somewhere close to the opening.

Audio – throughout the video “TCC” may be substituted for the full name of the college after the full name has been spoken once.

Visual – if the Logo graphic appears first, the logo mark graphic (full-color, semi-transparent, or watermark) may appear for the duration of the video.

Visual – close with a TCC logo graphic.

If the audience may not be familiar with the college, the website and phone number may be included in the closing logo graphic.

Audio – close with the full name of the college at the end.