Norfolk Student Center Events


Event Spaces
Images and descriptions of the areas we have available for hosting events.

Reservation Forms
Fill out the appropriate form to request to have your event hosted at the Norfolk Student Center.


Event Planning

The Student Center is available as a venue for student organizations, staff, and community members to host a variety of different types of events, including but not limited to:

  • • Luncheons and dinners
  • • Lectures and presentations
  • • Celebrations and festivals
  • • Club events and activities
  • • Awards ceremonies
  • • Outdoor events
  • • Job or special-interest fairs

If you are interested in planning an event with us, requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible, and at least one week in advance. Once the request is confirmed, our events staff will be available to discuss setup options, audio/visual services, marketing, and catering.

For questions concerning the request forms or about events, please contact the Event Coordinator at or 822-1986.


Setup Options

There are a variety of setup options available depending on the type of event you wish to plan. These options include placement of small and large tables, chairs, and use of our runway, stage, dance floor, drapery, and more.

For more information, contact our Events Coordinator at, 822.1986.

Audio/Visual Services

Our multipurpose spaces are fully outfitted with audio and visual equipment. Lighting and audio levels may be controlled from Crestron wall panels, and personal devices such as laptops and iPods may be connected to the system. An Audio Visual Assistant is available to assist users with equipment. The Norfolk Campus Student Center was upgraded in November 2015! The upgrades to the AV systems, includes new cabling infrastructure that will support the newest technology. The space is equipped with digital inputs allowing presentations to be displayed in high-definition. Also, the events department now has multiple adaptors to support personal laptops and tablets for presentations.

For more information, contact our Events Coordinator at, 822.1986.


All events with food/drink costs above $100 must use Aramark, Inc., the college's food service vendor. To find out more, visit the TCC Catering Services website.