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Meeting Room Setup Options

The Norfolk Student Center has several locations for students and club/organizations to meet, including the SAO Conference Room and the TV Lounge. All these spaces are good for meetings that require space for approximently 15-25 people.

The Multipurpose Meeting Space on the 5th floor provides space for larger meetings. The space consists of three rooms separated by moveable partitions. The maximum capacity for Rooms A, B, and C, combined is 208 persons and cannot be exceeded. A special request must be made to reserve all three rooms in this configuration.

Room A accommodates up to 25 people.

Room B accommodates up to 50 people.

Room C accommodates up to 75 people.

Please note that the capacity varies by setup.

Several options exist for set-up within the spaces. Please see the diagrams to see which layout will best meet your needs.

Setup Options