Signage Options

The Student Center is equipped with Digital Signage monitors on each floor, which display a slideshow of digital flyers advertising TCC programs, updates, events, and more. Local events and programs are advertised sometimes as well.

Print flyers are displayed at the first-floor Information desk and the third-floor Student Activities desk. Flyers for fitness and gaming events and programming are displayed at the fourth-floor desk.

Who can request signage?

Student Organizations, faculty, staff, and departments within TCC may submit ideas for flyers and digital signage, which will be subject to our Signage Policies. Signage may also be requested for any non-TCC-related events hosted by or in association with the Norfolk Student Center.

Signage Policies

Students and Staff who wish to submit an image for inclusion on our digital signage may do so by contacting Stephen Cushing at 822.1986 or

ALL DIGITAL SIGNAGE MUST adhere to the TCC Norfolk Student Center's signage policies and the TCC Visual Identity Standards. Images that do not follow these guidelines will not be displayed.